Edited: P2 Assignments (yes; plural)

Assignment 1:
Write TWO body paragraphs in response to the AQ. Use the template in the link below as a guide for planning your paragraphs.

Type your TWO body paragraphs in MS Word, save as attachment and send it to me via email please. In the title of your email, please state your class. Email add: lee_jeng_yee_pepper@moe.edu.sg
Deadline: Thursday Evening 9pm (except those attending LTC) No late submissions please.

(Students who have not completed the SAQs for the VJC MYE 2011, please do so)

Assignment 2:
Complete short-answer questions (SAQs) in the HCI Block Test 2010 Paper 2. This is also found in your Tutorial Package (Paper 2). It is on the topic of Ageism; it contains two passages – one by Sheila Paget and one by James Ferguson.

Complete questions 1-9 (you may leave out the Summary question for now). Remember: Even if you’re not attempting the AQ, read the AQ before reading the passages.

*Please detach this HCI Block Test Paper from the package. I will be collecting the Answer booklets for marking (:

Deadline: By the next GP tutorial (including those attending LTC)

* The more adventurous/ motivated/ self-directed/ *insert positive adjective amongst you can attempt the AQ before we discuss it in class.

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