AQ: ‘Multi-racialisim’ does not define us.

Yes, students, Singapore is a multi-racial/ religious city. Yes, we are a cosmopolitan society. But what how are these characteristics relevant when you’re meant to discuss income inequality gaps in Singapore? Singapore is so much more than just an ‘open, developed, multi-racial country’.

In your AQ, (when it asks for applicability/ relevance to your society), DO consider these other aspects of Singapore.

On Economy:

Given how Singapore is a…

small, open economy; knowledge-based economy; no minimum wage laws; influx of foreign immigrants; heavily reliant on foreign investment; reliant on our tourism, service and hospitality sectors, vulnerable to regional/global financial crises.

Population profile

Given how most Singaporeans have a / are …

High income inequality, pragmatic mindset, largely-educated, ageing population, low on happiness index, mindset of ‘kiasu-ism’ (fear of losing out), extremely competitive, mostly conservative mindsets though the younger generation are more vocal.


Given how Singapore has to deal with issues of…

Low birth rates, a society too ‘cold-blooded’ (driven by personal interest), high cost of living (COE prices/ housing prices), dealing with human rights issues (capital punishment/ media censorship/ how we treat the vulnerable in society).

This is list is definitely not exhaustive! Feel free to add more characteristics in the Comments below (:

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