Reblogged -Hacker strikes fear among “good” citizens

Hypothetical GP question: “Hacking of Straits Times’ blogs as a form of resistance to the local government cannot never be justified.” Discuss.

Some extreme views here regarding the recent hacking of the ST blog. Nonetheless, an interesting and thought-provoking read that sparked off a debate on Facebook (see next post).

Yawning Bread

pic_201311_03Maybe the Stompers best represent our beating heart. There was a passing mention in a Facebook post that 87% were happy with the hacking of Straits Times’ blog website. Schadenfreude is a totally legitimate emotion.

“Stompers” is the name we give to mostly anonymous readers and contributors to the Straits Times wild wild west site Stomp where digital natives can post anything they think newsworthy — mostly pictures and videos of bad behaviour, overflowing drains and women with cleavages.

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