Edit: More Useful Links (as promised)

Edit: Check this out! Informative report on Human Right Practices in Singapore for 2013 (by the US Department of State)

As promised, I’m adding some links in the sidebar. There are actually plenty of local socio-political commentary websites out there, but as mentioned, be forewarned that some are painfully lacking in credibility. So I’ve taken the liberty to recommend those more credible ones in the links.

Remember – healthy skepticism is part of the Evaluation process.

To the current batch of students: Thus far, I’m very much encouraged by the maturity of thought some of you have displayed during the tutorials. Continue questioning assumptions, continue vocalizing your opinions – they are the makings of a critical thinker. But, as with everything else, accept that other perspectives exist. Taking extreme stances and using absolute terms is GP suicide. So some intellectual humility in the form of conceding to an opposing view may be appropriate at times. Intellectual humility does not mean sitting on the fence – it simply means conceding that no single perspective always holds true.

All in all, a promising start.

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