(Minor) Edit: Task for the March hols

*Now that you have chosen your group task, I’m assuming that you’ve started work on the Powerpoint presentation. Will each group nominate one member to email me the Powerpoint slides by this Saturday, 10pm. This is for QC (quality control) purposes 🙂 No worries if you’ve done a decent job.

The good news is – no more Wednesday deadline! (Background info: I’d previously prescribed a deadline for some other classes)

So the deadline for your Task is 1st lesson of Term 2. The rationale for this change is simple: I thought about the prospect of opening individual emails, downloading attachments, printing them…and decided there must be a better way of doing this 🙂

Please note that the instructions have also been revised. Below are the instructions for your March Hols Task:

Part 1. Individual (compulsory)
Based on the given sample essay:

(a) Identify the Functions of Education that the writer mentions in the essay
(b)Vocabulary – find out meaning of the highlighted terms (not just dictionary definitions but in the context of the essay)

Please present these as typed documents and bring it to class during our first lesson in term 2.

Part 2. In groups (preferably your IRA groups)
Choose ONE option from the following:

(a) Research on the Arab Spring (mentioned in p17 of Education content package, as well as in the essay provided).Discuss the background and implications. 
(b) Research on the background, synopsis and issues that were highlighted in for Waiting for “Superman” (2010). (It’s a well-known documentary film.Note: You are not expected to screen the film in class.)
(c) Research on reforms in our local Primary School education – specifically, on Program for Active Learning (PAL). Discuss the rationale behind these initiatives.
In your groups, you will present your findings in the form of a Powerpoint presentation (5-8 min). Be prepared to answer questions from the class and from ahem, myself as well of course.

So in summary, everyone completes Part 1 individually; you work in groups (preferably IRA groups) for Part 2.

(And with no irony intended, enjoy the March break!) Those with any questions/ doubts, drop me an email: lee_jeng_yee_pepper@moe.edu.sg.

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