Scathing Criticism of Malaysia in NYTimes

APphoto_China Malaysia Plane

I doubt this will appear in local press. In a NYTimes article, it was reported that:

[W]orldwide bafflement at the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has challenged the country’s paternalistic political culture and exposed its coddled leaders to the withering judgments of critics from around the world.

It appears The Mystery of Vanishing Flight 370 is coming to a sobering end:

Civilian and military leaders on Wednesday revealed that they had known for the past four days, but did not publicly disclose, that military radar had picked up signals of what may have been the missing aircraft.

The article doesn’t end there; the bashing continues as the writer jumps at opportunity to serve up a rather unflattering representation of Malaysia, describing our geographical neighbour as:

an ethnically polarized society where talent often does not rise to the top of government because of patronage politics within the ruling party and a system of ethnic preferences that discourages or blocks the country’s minorities, mainly ethnic Chinese and Indians, from government service.

Ethnic Malays, who make up about half of the population, hold nearly all top government positions and receive a host of government preferences because of their status as “sons of the soil.”

On a personal note, I know of many close friends/ relatives who are Malaysian Chinese and proud to be Malaysian. Reading this article, I do wonder what their sentiments would be.

For the full article:

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